Urmila Ramakrishnan

Urmila Ramakrishnan is an award winning food writer and content producer currently based in San Francisco. Her first venture into food writing, as Minneapolis' first dedicated  food truck reporter at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal, spurred her move to Italy to pursue her master's degree in food culture and communications. Since then, she's contributed to national and international publications and co-founded a food tourism magazine Carry On.  She's currently the features producer at the San Francisco Chronicle, where she oversees the digital success for the newspaper’s food section, travel section, style section and a winery website called The Press.

Urmila has published multi-platform content for The New York Times, Time Out New York, GOOD, Edible, and Delta SKY Magazine. 

In 2017, she received a Society of Professional Journalists award for a story featuring migrant farmworkers.

When she's not chasing the latest scoop, Urmila can be found experimenting with leftovers in the kitchen. Her fondest memories always brings her back to standing by her mother's side, anxiously waiting to stir caramelizing onions in an oversized wok. She continues to find inspiration to combine food, travel, and writing in her daily life. 

Connect by emailing Urmila at ramakrishnan.urmila@gmail.com. Subscribe to her blog Jiu-Jitsu and Jalebi and follow her food adventures in Instagram.